About Deeper’s View


Deeper’s View :
This series started as a project I brought to Digimart. In the beginning, I asked Digimart staff to shoot videos and asked an outside (Mr. Ito) to edit them. However, since I started filming spontaneously, my schedule did not allow for it, and eventually I began to do everything by myself, from filming to editing.
Mr. Mieda, a legendary engineer, appeared on the show to introduce Uni-Vibe. I had a lot of interesting things to do. However, it became troublesome and I haven’t updated it.

The real purpose of this project was to introduce the holy grail of musical instruments from the equipment of the 60’s to the late 90’s, and to explore the itinerary of sound and music.

*Deeper’s Viewの著作権は原則として株式会社リットーミュージックが保有しています。

*The copyright of Deeper’s View is in principle held by
Ritto Music Co.

なお、Deeper’s View再生に広告が掲載されますが、デジマート側の意向であり、私の意向ではありません。

Please note that when you play Deeper’s View on Youtube, you will see ad, but this is the intention of Digimart and not mine.


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